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About Us

Berwick Calisthenic Club Inc. was founded in 1969 by Life Member, Mrs Wendy West and has been operating as an incorporated body for the past 55 years. 


At Berwick we are committed to keeping calisthenics fun and enjoyable, whilst all those who participate are taught the skills of calisthenics. This unique competitive sport offers fun, fitness, achievement and friendship to all those wishing to take part. The Club welcomes all participants both new and old to this unique sport.


As the cycle of life progresses and our club grows, many former members who once themselves competed with Berwick are now very proud mothers of their own children who are starting on their own calisthenic journey.  


Berwick is a competitive club and participants take part in competitions from July through to October each year. The club’s policy is fun, fitness and friendship, and to develop each student to their full potential within their ability.

Committee Members


The Club is an incorporated body and is managed by a Committee. Positions are held for a maximum of three years and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in March each year.


Committee members for 2024 are:

President: Amanda M

Vice President: Tara W

Secretary: Katie S

Assistant Secretary: Kim B

Treasurer: Kerry W

Assistant Treasurer: Emma B

Registrar: Bernie D


Life Members


Over the past 55 years Berwick CC has awarded Life Memberships to the following people for their amazing efforts and contributions they have made to the Club:


Mrs Wendy W

Mrs Margaret S

Mrs Faye S

Mrs Susan J

Mrs Sue H

Mrs Pam V

Mrs June G

Ms Sally K

Mrs Kerrie R

Mrs Christine Y

Mrs Jenny R

Mr Simon L

Mrs Mary G

Ms Kerry W

Mrs Dennise R

Miss Amber J

Mrs Melinda C

Miss Tarryn C

Miss Jessica B

Mrs Patricia P


Club Song

We're a happy team at Berwick

We're the calisthenics girls

We love our team and we work to win

Singing a song with a grin at Berwick

Our teachers taught us to perfection

It's up to us to do the rest

Point your toes and stretch up tall, that's how we win the medals

We are the mighty Berwick Girls

Who are we

We are the mighty Berwick Girls



(To the tune of the Hawthorn Football Club song)

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