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Ages 8-10 yrs as of 31st December, 2024 (Born 2016-2014)

Saturdays 12.30-3.30pm 

*Classes are now closed for 2024*

Come n' try class will run in October/November.

Subjuniors have weekly classes from February through to October and learn 6 items per year (all in the one class) - March, Clubs, Freearm, Rods, Aesthetics and Song & Dance. These classes develop a love for performing whilst building on their skill set, technique, flexibility, strength, team work, commitment and friendship all in a fun and nurturing environment. Our Subjuniors compete in 4-5 competitions per year and the end of year showcase. 

Class Attire and What to bring to class

- Plain black leotard, black/Flesh coloured tights/leggings with no feet, or shorts. 

A Black crossover can be worn for colder weather

- Hair is to be neat and tied back 

- Drink Bottle & small snack

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